Commercial Laundry and Linens

A Water Energy Ozone Laundry System will greatly reduce the water, energy, chemicals, time and labor required to deliver a superior finished product.

Water Energy laundry systems use ozone to clean the laundry without hot water. Washing with ozonated water reduces operating costs, such as utilities and chemicals, increases productivity through shortened cycle times, and extends the life of washed fabrics.

Typical commercial laundries at Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions, Universities, Sports and Athletic Facilities use a lot of water and energy to wash laundry. It’s not unusual for commercial laundry wash programs to have as many as 12 steps. This means these programs are using a large volume of water, energy, chemicals and time to get the linen clean. This is wasteful and unnecessary. The cost to maintain the water temperature alone (typically 140 °F to 160 °F) is causing facilities to look at new technologies to help them save money. 

3,000 Times Faster than Chlorine at Killing Bacteria and Viruses

Ozone reacts 3,000 times faster than Chlorine when oxidizing a contaminant. Ozone is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses and at cleaning materials and surfaces without the need for Chlorine bleach. Ozone use will allow you to create the same powerful cleaning agents without adding alkali. When alkali is eliminated, acid is no longer needed to buffer the pH of the wastewater. Elimination of these chemicals saves money, improves safety and improves the appearance of your linen by eliminating chemical residues. You can accomplish all of this without modifying your washing equipment or changing the basic operating principles of your laundry.

Save Money by Lowering Energy Consumption

Money saved by reducing energy consumption is the biggest benefit of using ozone laundry because you no longer need hot water and your drying times are significantly reduced. Traditional washing methods require hot water to activate chemicals, but ozone does a better job in cold water – all by itself. With a Water Energy Ozone Laundry System, the boiler for the washers can be eliminated. No boiler, no gas needed to run the boiler. Added Bonus: no boiler = no maintenance costs! By eliminating most of the chemicals, there is no chemical residual to retain water. This means your washer’s extract cycle will remove more water so your drying times will be significantly reduced thereby saving even more energy!

Increase Productivity by Reducing Wash Times
Do you need to expand washing capacity at your facility? Consider increasing your wash productivity with your existing equipment by adding an ozone wash system instead of investing in more washing machines. Wash times with ozone are significantly shorter by as much as 40%. This is achieved by eliminating program fill/drain steps where chemicals are added and then rinsed-out. Ozone replaces the chemicals and you no longer have to use long formulas to get superior results. The typical ozone wash formula is from 20 to 40 minutes shorter than a traditional wash formula. This automatically gives you more capacity because you can wash more loads per day with the same equipment!

Save Money by Reducing Water Consumption
Ozone laundry systems reduce water consumption by shortening wash formulas. This is achieved by eliminating some of the fill/drain steps in the formulas where chemicals are added and then rinsed out. You don’t need the standard chemicals because they are replaced with ozone. By eliminating up to half of the steps in the wash formulas, we also eliminate more than a third of the water being used.

Reduce Dependence on Hazardous Chemicals
Ozone allows you to eliminate almost all chemicals in the wash, except for a small amount of detergent. This is a fundamental paradigm shift from traditional laundering methods. When you eliminate the chemicals, you also eliminate what is causing your linen to need a fabric softener. The linen comes out very white, soft and fresh-smelling – like after a spring shower. You won’t need as much detergent either, compared to traditional washing methods. On average you will cut your detergent use by a full 50% or more and still produce a superior finished product. You’re going to save a lot of money on chemicals because you won’t need them anymore. Maybe you could find something else to buy from your chemical rep if you really want to keep him happy.