Ozone History

Ozone has been around since the beginning of time! It is Nature’s way of keeping the planet clean and fresh. A lightning storm can create a huge amount of ozone that hangs around and sanitizes the atmosphere long after the storm is over. Ozone neutralizes airborne bacteria, pollen, odors, pollution and other objectionable contaminants. Over the eons, the spread of many diseases in plants, animals and even people has been halted by a good dose of ozone after a summertime storm. Ozone is 100% natural and is completely Earth friendly. It is made entirely of oxygen – the most important element for life!

Humans have been able to harness the amazing power of ozone and apply it to an ever-growing list of everyday jobs including surface sanitation; smoke removal; pollution cleanup; groundwater remediation; specialty manufacturing; odor control; drinking water sanitation; and even laundry.

This section contains details of a few of the Water Energy triumphs in water treatment over the past 30 years. Water Energy is capable of providing a wide range of solutions for all types of processes where water is a key component. Please read and enjoy!