Utility – WE100

Ozone System to support up to 1 large washer (400 – 500 pound); 2 medium-sized washers (175 – 350 pound); or 4 small washers (up to 120 pound)

Pro – WE500

Ozone System to support 2 large washers; 4 medium-sized washers; or up to 8 small washers

Elite – WE1000

Ozone System to support 3 large washers; 6 medium-sized washers; or 12 small washers

*Larger systems available for tunnel washers, larger front-loading washers or smaller washers.*

Water Reuse (Pre-Order)

Reserve your Water Energy ‘Greener-Cleaner’ water reuse system now!

Water Energy has the hottest technology available for commercial laundries today!  Recycle and reuse 80 to 90% of the water used in your laundry.  Water that would normally just go down the drain can be captured, cleaned and reused.  A Water Energy water reuse system will provide water for reuse that is as clean or even cleaner than the water coming out of your tap. 

Call and reserve your system today!