System Symplicity

The Water Energy Ozone Laundry System only has two mechanical components and both of them are solid-state, industrial-grade machines with very few moving parts – and very few moving parts means very low maintenance.

Oxygen Concentrator

Ozone Generator

The Oxygen Concentrator is the most sophisticated device with the most potential for failure. That is why it is paramount to use a machine that is specifically built for industrial environments. Our systems use only the highest-quality and most rugged oxygen concentrators available on the market built by AirSep. These units are built out of stainless steel and are designed to work in unforgiving environments. This is overkill for most laundry applications but the result is that you WILL NOT have to deal with persistent oxygen concentrator problems. For the ozone system to work effectively, it must have a consistent supply of high purity oxygen. Other vendors use inferior oxygen concentrators that are prone to ineffectiveness and failure.

The Ozone Generators we use are built especially for Water Energy by one of the leading ozone generator manufacturers in the world. These generators are built to exacting standards specifically for our application. Ozone has been in use for more than 100 years for the sanitation of drinking water in Europe. Many advances have been made in the design and manufacture of ozone generators over the past few decades because the demand for ozone has grown exponentially. Ozone generators available today are light years ahead of ones built just a few years ago. Our generators are industrial-grade machinery built to work flawlessly in very harsh manufacturing environments. This is overkill for most laundry applications but it means that you WILL NOT experience problems related to an insufficient, ineffective and fragile ozone generator. You will always have a generous supply of high purity ozone going to the contact tank where it will be dissolved into the water going to the washers. The whole objective of an ozone laundry system is to get plenty of ozone to the process. It only makes sense to have dependable, high-quality ozone as a component of your ozone laundry system! The ozone generator is truly the heart of the system.

Stainless Steel Contact Tanks are where it all comes together. The machinery makes the ozone and the contact tanks are where it is put into solution. Once in solution, ozone can do its job safely and effectively! These tanks have no moving parts. They are made of stainless steel that will last a lifetime and never have any maintenance issues as long as they are used as intended. Stainless steel tanks are the perfect, industrial-grade solution to make the system work and allow you to take it all for granted because they will never cause a problem.

Teflon tubing is used to move the oxygen and ozone gas from where it is made to where it is needed and then carry any remaining ozone that is not used, completely outside of the building. Teflon is extremely resistant to any ill-effects from ozone gas or any other corrosive agent. It will last for many years with no maintenance issues. Teflon costs a tiny bit more but it is all part of the industrial-grade solution you need.

Water Energy ozone laundry systems are absolutely the very best on the market. We use the very best equipment and the very best design to deliver the very best results. Superior results that you can count on day after day in your hospitality or healthcare laundry. There is no reason to wait. Our technology is Tried-and-True and now all of the equipment is industrial-grade and built to last! Check out our ‘Savings Calculator’ to see just how much a Water Energy Ozone Laundry System can save you!