Effective Green Laundry Solutions


Water Energy is an engineering driven manufacturer and turn-key solutions provider of advanced water treatment technology and equipment designed for the commercial laundry industry and other industries where efficient use of water and environmental stewardship is critical to success in today’s markets. Our 35-year experience working with NASA to develop ozone mass transfer technology has put us in the unique position of unparalleled expertise and experience.

Water Energy specializes in advanced Ozone Laundry Systems for the commercial laundry industry. We have more than 15 years’ experience building, testing, installing, integrating, optimizing and caring for ozone laundry systems used in all types of environments.

Water Energy also provides turn-key ozone-based solutions for Cooling Towers and other water-based systems plagued with scale, bacteria and inefficiency.

Water Energy also delivers comprehensive solutions for all types of agricultural wastewater treatment issues. Hog Farms and Dairy Farms are notorious for creating millions of gallons of nutrient-rich wastewater that up until now, has posed a huge problem to farmers who operate those types of facilities. Water Energy has developed a very effective and totally Green Solution for treating this wastewater. Our systems can take 100% of this wastewater and through bio-remediation, ultra-filtration and ozone sanitation, return it back to the farm to be used again or simply discharge it to a receiving stream without the need for ‘Spray Fields’ because the water will be certified as ‘fresh’ water. No ‘Spray Fields’ needed for Dairy Farms is a total game-changer!!!

You can rely on Water Energy to provide the latest technology solutions to help you save money and be comfortable that you’re doing the best you can do when it comes to cutting your water and energy use.

Product Features

Water Energy provides turn-key ozone laundry solutions for hospitality and healthcare. We have 20 years’ experience designing custom ozone solutions for all types of laundry operations.

Visit our ozone knowledgebase for pertinent facts and comprehensive information about ozone; what it is; how it works; why it is good for the environment and why it is good for your laundry.

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